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Project Planning The Affordable Way

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● No Credit Card Required
● is a fully Functional Premium Turn-Key Project Planning System
● All Levels are free to Access 
● Excel download
● Excel Upload (template required)
● Extended Recipients Profiles
● See what Projects are assigned to what Recipients (at a glance)
● All, Open, In Progress, Delayed, and Completed Shown (at a glance)
● Posting a Project Video and File Upload Available
● Monthly Breakdown of Projects
● Real Time Tally of Projects Status
● Project start & finish dates (at a glance)
● Project Reference No. Assigned to Recipient when created
● Easy Tracking of Recipient’s Performance with a 0 - 5 Rating (at a glance)
● Optional Delete & Edit of Projects on Front Page
● Confirmation Emails sent to Recipients for new Project Allocation
● Suggestion Box - we want to hear your thoughts
● $20 a month to see no ads
● This and many many more features to this Amazing FREE Essential Business Tool

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